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How is Quantum Energetics,QEST Structured?

Working with the body with Quantum Energetics could be likened to hooking up battery cables to a stalled vehicle. If the cables are hooked up to the right places, and energy is allowed to flow for sufficient time, the battery will be charged. Note that just as the vehicle needs some “running time” to become completely restored after the cables have been disconnected, your body will need time for energy alignment to take place after your Quantum Energetics visit.

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Will you focus on my symptoms?

Quantum Energetics systematically seeks to address energetic disturbances which seem to contribute to symptoms. There are often many factors involved—not just one!

We do follow a sequence, and because various systems and components of the body are so interrelated. Even by working with one condition it can allow for positive changes of a seemingly unrelated symptom. Furthermore, working with this apparently “unrelated” condition is often crucial for obtaining desired results. Thus, there is an order to be followed in helping your body to restore its healthy balance.

However, I will look carefully at your symptoms and do my best to help you as soon as possible.

How does the QEST practitioner know what to do?

In Quantum Energetics, we have a language by which we can get “yes” or “no” answers from the body about what conditions are present on an energetic level. Therefore, we have a way for your body to communicate which Quantum Energetics procedures should be done.

What do you mean by “language”?

In our QEST Practitioner’s Handbook, we have thousands of numerical codes, which correspond, vibrationally with various conditions in the body. (Everything in nature has its own vibrational frequency. The codes have been discovered through research—rather than particular numbers just being “assigned” to a condition.)

The result is a “yes” or “no” answer, so that we know how to proceed. Muscle testing, muscle checking, or Applied Kinesiology (AK) is not unique to our work, but it is used in various other modalities for energy healing. However, one thing that is unique about our work is the use of our codes, along with the muscle testing, for getting answers from the body about what conditions exist, and therefore, what needs to be done, energetically by the QEST practitioner.

We systematically check through the codes, in numerical order. Each visit, we check new codes to determine which energy healing procedures should be done. Next visit, we “pick up” where we left off in the sequence, checking to determine which new energetic disturbances show up to be addressed during that visit. As a general rule, we do not have to repeat procedures.

It is said that the conditions are present on an “ energetic level”. What does that mean?

Let’s explain by using some examples. Whenever the body “tells us” that a certain code/condition is present, it may be there in a “big way” or a “small way”. For example, if the code 4M 909T (fracture of the femur) tests positive, it might be present to varying degrees:

Important! When a code is found to be present, this “energy” level (the 3 level) is ALWAYS involved. This energetic level alone has been found to cause many problems, so it really doesn’t matter if the more obvious level(s) are present. They may also be present—or they may be absent.

Therefore, we are not “diagnosing”, because we do not know to what degree the condition is present—other than that it is present on an energy level. As we check and find codes which your body indicates as present, please remember this explanation, since it will apply to all other codes or conditions, such as an “avulsion of a ligament”, for example.

Do the same procedures have to be done again and again?

No—good news! There are a few exceptions (things that may have to be repeated), but the large majority of the procedures are lasting. In order to assure such results, a rapid “programming” is done after each procedure. It is much like “saving” on a computer. This unique feature is one of the things that enables Quantum Energetics to achieve such powerful results!

Does everyone need the same things to be done?

Out of the many procedures that are checked, there are two that we find necessary for everyone. Beyond that, everyone’s requirements are different.

These two “universal” powerful procedures are foundational steps upon which everything else is based. They enable the body to receive more energy for healing, maintenance and health and often have dramatic results, by themselves, even before other procedures are done!

Please see the Testimonials from our satisfied clients.


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