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The Crystalline Electromagnetic Body

How Remote Online 

Long Distance Energy Healing is Possible.

From Well Being Journal May/June 2011 p. 35 and 37

We’ve come to know that the physical body is not solid matter but rather is composed of particles or even waves, depending upon how the physicist/observer assesses it. Dawson Church, Ph.D., in his book The Genie in Your Genes, asserts the remarkable view, supported by research findings, that the body is an electromagnetic semiconductor.

“The tendons are composed of twisted collections of collagen bundles, each composed of collagen fibers. Collagen fibers are composed of collagen fibrils, assemblies of molecules secreted outside of specialized connective tissues cells, called fibroblasts. Taken as a whole, the connective tissue system is the largest organ of the body.

“Yet the simplicity and ubiquity of the connective tissue system masks an important characteristic: Connective tissue fibers are arranged in highly regular arrays. There is a name for a highly regular parallel array of molecules, whether it’s in liquid or solid form: It’s called a crystal. The collagenous molecules in which all your organs are encased function as a system of liquid crystals.

 Crystals – highly ordered arrays of molecules – are found in several different kinds of tissue, including: the DNA in genes; the photosensitive rod and cone cells at the back of the eye: the myelin sheath of nerve cells; the collagen molecules that make up connective tissue; muscle tissue’s densely packed molecules of actin and myosin; the phospholipids of cell membranes.”

We’ve known for almost a century that crystals conduct radio waves. But now we know that crystals are also semiconductors. Church: “This crystalline structure of the collagen molecules that make up your connective tissue has a remarkable property: It is a semiconductor. Semiconductors are not only able to conduct energy, in the way the wiring system in your house conducts electricity very quickly from one point to another. They are also able to conduct information; think of your high speed Internet connection. Besides many other properties, semiconductors are also able to store energy, amplify signals, filter information, and move information in one direction but not in another. 

In other words, the connective tissue system can also process information, like the semiconductor chips in your computer. Your connective tissue system is well suited for the task of conveying both energy and information, because it connects every part of your body to every other part.”

Church goes on to point out that acupuncture and tapping (as in Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT) work so well because of the conductive properties of the body. Both procedures help the body to release restrictions, and James Oschman, Ph.D., notes in his book Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance, “The fully ‘integrated’ body may be a body that is entirely free of restrictions to the flow of signals.” Church concludes by pointing out the importance of our thoughts: “Every thought you think is echoing through your connective tissue communication system, turning genes on and off, producing either stress responses or healing responses.”

The new science of the body seems to say that every time we think well of ourselves, find something to appreciate in another (even when it’s hard to find) or focus on some good that we want to be happening in ourselves or the world around us (rather than some small ugliness that exists), we are playing a key role in our healing.


Andrea Reuth uses three modalities for the Quantum Energy Healing Therapy: Quantum Entergetics, the Lotus Sutra chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, and Hinayana Buddhist Hand Mudras for advanced healing.


Neck, Back, Arm and Hip Pain

In April 2012 I made an appointment for Quantum Energy Healing Therapy, by SKYPE. I live in Texas and my practitioner Andrea is in San Diego, CA. I did have several appointments with her in December 2011 when she was in Texas and felt so much better and relieved from the Fibromyalgia which I now no longer have.

I just recently injured my neck and back from helping a friend move boxes and furniture. I also had an old injury to my hip and arm that was bothering me. After my 1 hour appointment with Andrea I am feeling no more pain in these areas. I'm amazed at how this Quantum Energy Healing Therapy works through SKYPE. It's cool to be able to turn on my laptop and receive my holistic health care. It's so unfortunate there are so many people out there who don't believe in this type of healing. I am and always will be a firm believer in the Energy Distance Healing.

Jo Rosales


Quantum Energy Healing Therapy 

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