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Messages from Angels

Messages from Angels

 Angels Deliver Messages

Earth Angel medium Google image for Angel TherapyThe word Angel means Messenger from God. They are gifts from God. At birth, people have at least two Guardian Angels assigned to help them. There are many Angels all around us just waiting for us to ask for their assistance.  Angels are non-denominational so it does not matter what faith or religion you practice. The Angels are constantly communicating with us daily, by giving us intuition and guidance to navigate through our life and learn our lessons along our path.

It is important to ask for help. Sometimes this may happen unintentionally when we say for example "I wish somebody would help me with this" and we receive their help and other times we just seem to hold onto our worries without openly saying or thinking anything other than it is our problem to deal with and no one can help.
We have what is called ‘free will’ which means that Angelic help cannot interfere on our behalf unless we ask for help.This is why it is important to ask. You can ask verbally or by way of intention.

One way to ask for help is by setting a positive intention of what you desire help with. For example, if you are having trouble communicating with a boss, co-worker, family member, or friend, you can say “Thank you Angels for helping me to communicate exactly how I feel with (name of person) and I ask for your assistance in resolving this issue so we may have a peaceful harmonious relationship”.

Your prayer for help is always answered. Sometimes it is answered immediately, sometimes it takes a few days, other times a little longer, but it is always answered. Remember, the Angels are always working on your request and many times often behind the scenes.

One way that you can speed up the answered prayer is to "Let go and let God" handle it. Your worries and fears about your prayers not being answered slow down your manifestation of it causing a disruption in the flow to receive it. Doreen Virtue, an expert on Angels suggest that you can make a list and write down your worries to God and the Angels and ask them to help you release them. 

I have found that as I let go of control over how my prayer for help will be answered, it usually happens right away and that is because energetically I have cleared the path for manifestation of the prayer for help to happen. If I react with fear that my prayer may not get answered and constantly focus on micro-managing the outcome, it only delays the outcome from being able to manifest. There is a cause and effect here energetically. We are all energetic beings both Human and Angelic operating on different energy frequencies. It is recommended to focus on the desired outcome and not the fear because you will attract what you are thinking about. 

Earth Angels Google image for Angel Therapy

Go ahead and ask your Angels for a sign that they heard your prayer if that makes you feel better. Just know that they have heard it and it is done. The Angels are constantly sending us signs, although we do not always pay attention. When you ask for the sign, let it come to you freely. Release your will to control the outcome. Focus on something else instead and soon you will find your sign from the Angels comes to you as a complete surprise.

A sign can come to you in many ways. White feathers, coins, dreams, and sparks of light are most common. Signs and numbers that are repetitive and out of the ordinary can come to you perfectly timed to coincide with your prayer.  You may feel goose bumps; rushes of warm air; or an unexplained temperature change as a sign. Perhaps you find a song coming to you many different ways or a person speaking to another person where you overhear what they are talking about and it answers your prayer even though it was not about you.

Other signs can be birds, butterflies, and dragonflies catching your attention by doing unusual things they normally do not do such as flying up to you, circling around you, or landing on or next to you. It could even be a muffled voice in your ear or a fragrance that appears out of nowhere.  The signs even appear in shapes with nature such as rainbows, cloud formations, or snow. Remember if you believe you will receive the signs.

I hope this encourages you to start asking for help more often from the Angels. Consider them your best friends who you can always count on to help you. The Angels are happy to help you. There is no request to big or too small. The more you ask for help the more you will receive.

If you would like a private Angel Reading to find out “What do the Angels want me to know?” or “What are my Guardian Angles names and functions?” or anything you may have a question or concern about with your life please contact me.

May you be surrounded by love and light,
Andrea Reuth
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